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Android: How To Change Hint’s Size

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If you need to set a smaller hint for your edit text, you can set the hint this way: myEditText.setHint(Html.fromHtml( "<small><small><small>" + getString(R.string.hint) + "</small></small></small>")); Also, you can set the…

ListView Empty Message

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When I first needed to set a message on a ListView that was empty, I tried different methods, but none of them worked, except the one that I will describe…

Android: RecyclerView Tutorial

Hi,  in today’s tutorial I will show you how to create a list with the newest widget presented at Google I/O 2014, RecyclerView. Also I will show how to add…

Android Google Maps Api v2

I finally decided to make a new post about the latest way of integrating Google Maps in Android applications. Please note that Google Maps Api v1 is now deprecated and…