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Add CardView to Android OS versions below L ()

You might notice the new CardView widget on Android L preview presentation. The view can be used to display text or images and has a nice shadow. You can add that view into your project even if you don’t have the minimum API level to “L”… to do that, follow the steps below: 1.  Edit your […]

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Android Gradle & Manifest merge

[Deprecated] This post is now deprecated, the Manifest Merger has changed since my first post. You can find more about this on the android developers site. Manifest file & Gradle If you started using Android Studio and implicitly Gradle, or you just started using Gradle with other IDEs (like Intellij for example), then maybe you

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Android TCP Connection Enhanced

[postad] I made a new TCP Java server that supports now also multiple connections, please check it out here!We decided to make a separate post for this enhanced TCP Connection. You will still be able to see the old TCP Connection Tutorial so I will put in this post only the code.TCP SERVER IN JAVA1. Create a

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