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Load localized strings at runtime

Here is a possible solution if you want to load localized text resources on a TextView in Android. Problem: You may need to extend your app flexibility to be able to load localized texts at runtime from a web server for example. That would be to be able to add new localizations (for new countries) […]

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Android Persist Data Using Shared Preferences

Most of the projects need to persist different data in order to use it in a way or another. So in this tutorial I will show you how to persist your data using Shared Preferences in Android. First you have to know that in Android, if you need to store data you have 4 options to achieve this:

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Android PreferenceActivity & SharedPreferences tutorial

I will start with an example. Let’s assume that we want the user to change the date format of your application. For this you must have a class that extends PreferenceActivity, but first you have to create an XML file like this: 1. Make a directory in res called “xml” 2. In the xml directory

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