Android How To Pull Out The Database

In Android you can pull out the database only from emulator (you could pull out the database from a phone/device only if it is rooted).

So if you want to pull out the database from emulator you should use ddms (ddms is located in Android sdk folder e.g. my Android folder is installed ProgramFiles so the full path for me is: C:Program FilesAndroidandroid-sdktools, but you should use you own path where your Android is installed).


Double-click on ddms and this window should open:


Now select your emulator from which you want to pull out the databse and then select “device” from menu and then select File Explorer.

Now this window should appear:

Your database in located in data – data – -databases – . So explore the data folders until you find your database. My package name is com.example and my database is called database (as you will see in the below picture):

Now select your database name and press on the left corner button (pull button) to pull the database out from emulator and select a path where you want your database to be “downloaded”.  The near button is the push button and you can use it to introduce your database from computer to your emulator using the same

And now you should have your database on your computer where you can edit it if you want and then to push it back into the emulator.

In order to open the file you should download  SQLite Browser  or you can install in Mozilla Firefox the following add-on  SQLite Manager .

I hope that this tutorial helped you :)

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