Android Studio / IntelliJ IDEA code regions

If you ever worked with Xcode then you must know the power of “#pragma mark” macro. You could just define regions of code using that and sometimes it helps when you have classes that can get a bit big or if you just want to have a nice structure¬†of your class. Well you can do […]

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Android Studio – TestFlight upload plugin

As you well know the new IDE for Android is Android Studio and it is using the power of Intellij IDEA IDE which is great.If you work with TestFlight to distribute your builds to your testing teams or customers, you will surely like my new plugin that helps you upload the builds more faster and

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How to import an Intellij project in android after you reinstalled your Intellij

If it happened to reinstall your Intelij and you don’t remember how to import your android projects maybe this post will help you, even a little at least. So, lets begin. Step 1: Press CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+S and the Project Structure window will open. On the left click on the project and then press the new button

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