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This section is dedicated to learn about different things in Android, or at least hear about them. So let’s share the information 🙂

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Android About ConstraintLayout

Did You Know?
DID YOU KNOW about ConstraintLayout?   Definition ConstraintLayout is a new type of layout introduced by Android, similar to RelativeLayout but more flexible, and it is used to position UI elements relative…

Android ApplicationId vs PackageName

Did You Know?
You might wonder what is the difference between package name we have in AndroidManifest.xml file and ApplicationId we see in build.gradle. They seem to be the same thing, but actually…

Did you know about CoordinatorLayout?

Did You Know?
Definition CoordinatorLayout is a more advanced FrameLayout, that now, with all these new changes with Material Design, it was introduced in the DesignLibrary, in order to provide help and more control over…