Android Studio – TestFlight upload plugin

As you well know the new IDE for Android is Android Studio and it is using the power of Intellij IDEA IDE which is great.If you work with TestFlight to distribute your builds to your testing teams or customers, you will surely like my new plugin that helps you upload the builds more faster and notify people in distribution lists, it also lets you assign the app to the distribution lists.

The plugin works on Android Studio and IntellijIDEA and lets you store multiple teams and distribution lists for each team so you won’t need to browse to testflight website every time you want to upload a new android build. The plugin will also save the path to your apk file so basically after you make the first setup, next uploads you will just have to select the saved team and distribution lists and add the build changes text and your build is ready for testing :).

The plugin name is TF Uploader and you can install it either directly from jetbrains repository from the IDE settings -> plugins or you can download it from here and install it manually from IDE -> settings -> plugins.

If you like it, please vote it and also please let me some impressions here, it will help me do it better.