My Applications

Here I will post the applications developed by us.

1. Number Series 
Number Series is a logical game with numbers, just perfect for you if you like to challenge your brain.
You have to go through 10 levels with varying degree of difficulty and you have only 3 lives to complete the game. What do you have to do? It’s simple. In each level a sequence of numbers appears and you must figure out which is the number that follows.

When you lose a life a Show Explanation button will appear and if you click on it you can see the answer but you will lose one life. When you end the game or lose all your lives you can introduce your name and save the level you reached in the high score list.
Have fun while training your mind :)
Download: Number Series



2. Shopping List XS
This is a simple shopping list. You can add multiple shopping lists and add products in each shopping list. The main purpose of this app is to be simple yet powerful and make it’s job right.
Download:Shopping List XS download


3. InfoAutogari (for Romania)
This application shows timetable information for all buses and coaches in Romania. An internet connection is required to retrieve data from For detailed information you can access
Download: InfoAutogari download


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