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Android – HTML in textView

Display HTML format First we will present below what are the supported tags for a textView and what are not supported. You can skip this section if you are already familiar with these or you want to jump directly into action :) Supported tags Unsupported tags <a href=”…”> <b> <big> <blockquote> <br> <cite> <del> <dfn> […]

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Get screen size programatically in Android

So if you ever need to get the screen size(width and height) programatically on Android, note that there are a few options out there. Please see below some of them. Get Android screen size from DisplayMetrics The following snippet helps you load the screen size in Android using the Display class. This is quite old,

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Android: How To Change Hint’s Size

If you need to set a smaller hint for your edit text, you can set the hint this way: myEditText.setHint(Html.fromHtml( “<small><small><small>” + getString(R.string.hint) + “</small></small></small>”)); Also, you can set the size in the string resource file where is the string for the hint. <string name=”edit_text_hint”><font size=”15″>My hint string</font></string> and in the xml file just set

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