Android Emulator Alternatives: Genymotion

In Android emulators are very slow. It takes a lot of time to boot, to develop, to test. I am pretty sure everyone searched at least once for ways of improving their emulator’s speed, or for alternatives. I did. And not once, but many times. And now I discovered Genymotion. I must say that it’s […]


Android Google Maps Api v2

I finally decided to make a new post about the latest way of integrating Google Maps in Android applications. Please note that Google Maps Api v1 is now deprecated and supported by Google any more, so this is deprecated too. So you have to do some preliminary steps first. What tools did I use? Android


Clear Fragment back stack

To clear the Fragments back stack of a FragmentManager, you could iterate through all back stack items and call popBackStack() but there is also a more elegant solution. Please see below: // in my case I get the support fragment manager, it should work with the native one too FragmentManager fragmentManager = getSupportFragmentManager(); // this

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Android Studio Gradle 0.9 error: Unable to load class ‘’

I had to re-install my windows, therefore I had to re-install all my programs too, including Android Studio :) So, after I had re-installed Android Studio, I kept getting a Gradle error: ” Unable to load class ‘’”. After I googled it I found the solution here. It seems that we have to delete gradle’s cache.


Android State list generator

Inspired by a post from stackoverflow, I made a simple XML State List generator :), you simply need to fill the inputs with your corresponding drawable names and then press Generate button. For more details regarding android StateList XML please check the official documentation. Android state list generator version 2 is here:  New in android state list generator

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Android and Java sockets – simple messenger

Hello all, as you requested in the previous TCP server-client tutorials, I made a new tutorial on how to create multiple client connections to a single server. I posted the projects on GitHub here for you so I will post here only the main classes and functionality that I consider important to walk through. You

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