Below you can browse our Android applications. All the applications are developed on our spare time so please be sympathetic :P . Number Series recently received a great review from GamesKeys in this article are internationally supported. We aim to make them available to anyone but that depends a lot on your support and on our spare time.

While working on a variety of applications and projects we’ve also stumbled across many problems that needed solutions. Hence the blog :). Many of these apps are just pur desire to learn new things and experiment stuff. We started building ugly apps and in time we got better when comes to design and tooling and now they look closer to how we would like them to be.

Your feedback helps us make them better so please leave yours using our contact email contact (to) or even in the play store.

If you like the applications, please rate/share or buy them to support us to continue maintaining and developing them. :)

Any help and constructive feedback is much appreciated!

Our Android Applications

Seasons live wallpaper Seasons Live Wallpaper

Link: Seasons Live Wallpaper

Seasons Live Wallpaper brings the dynamic beauty of nature to your device through a live display of the changing seasons. You can enjoy the scenes of autumn, winter, spring, and summer. They have drifting clouds, dancing leaves, and gently falling snowflakes or flower petals depending on the season. Additionally the interactive feature also allows you to create drawings on your screen. Simply drag your finger on the screen and draw petals, snowflakes or bubbles and let the stress fly away.

On the technical side, the live wallpaper uses Kotlin with Compose and the wallpaper service in Android to draw the scenes and the effects.

Snowflakes Live WallpaperSnowflakes Live Wallpaper

Link: Snowflakes Live Wallpaper

The Snowflakes Live Wallpaper is an ideal winter-themed decoration for phones or tablets. It features various snowflakes that fall randomly against a winter scene. It changes colors based on the current time, represented in hours, minutes, and seconds. Additionally, users can interact with the wallpaper by drawing snowflakes on the screen, though this feature can be turned off if desired.

This is the first live wallpaper we’ve submitted to Play Store and it uses Java with the regular View and the wallpaper service to draw the scene and the effects on the home screen.

Number Series Number Series

Link: Number Series

Welcome to “Number Series,” a game that seamlessly blends number-based puzzles with brain-teasing fun! Designed for Android, this game is a paradise for those who love to challenge their minds and enjoy the thrill of solving complex puzzles. With its logical gameplay centered around numbers, “Number Series” is perfect for anyone with a knack for math and a love for problem-solving… Next some words about the tech.

Among the first apps we’ve published, had many refactoring sessions and redesigns along time plus one re-build from scratch. Currently using Kotlin with Compose and Material 3.

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