Android applications built by “MyAndroidSolutions”

Below you can browse our Android applications. All the applications are developed on our spare time so please be sympathetic. Unfortunately some of them are not internationally supported (yet) like “Stiri si noutati” which is an RSS reader, but others like Number Series which recently received a great review from GamesKeys in this article are internationally supported. We aim to make them available to anyone but that depends a lot on your support and on our spare time.

While working on most of the applications we come across a lot of road blocks; some of them end up as a blog post here on myandroidsolutions. Given that you might have read a bunch of our blog posts, you might want to try some of the Android applications that we developed. That way you will see the outcome of the “solutions” we implemented. 🙂

Your feedback helps us make them better so please leave yours using our contact page.

If you like the applications, please rate/share or buy them to support us to continue maintaining and developing them. 🙂

Any help and constructive feedback is much appreciated!

MyAndroidSolutions Android Applications

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