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How to get user location

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Nowadays, knowing the location is very important for applications. Even if you want to develop a simple application that returns the coordinates, or you develop different kind of apps that…

Android: Send SMS to Emulator

The Android emulator has support for receiving text messages. You can send a SMS to an emulator by using the command line. So the first step is: 1. Be sure…

Android: ListView with SearchView

In this tutorial I will present you how to use the SearchView using FTS3. If your data is stored in a SQLite database on the device, performing a full-text search…

Android TCP Connection Enhanced

[postad] I made a new TCP Java server that supports now also multiple connections, please check it out here!We decided to make a separate post for this enhanced TCP Connection.…

First Steps In Learning Android

If you want to start learning Android, but you don’t know where to start, what you should install or what do you need to know, you need to read this…
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