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Kotlin ListView with ViewHolder

In this post we will create a ListView with ViewHolder adapter but we will write the code in Kotlin. For creating xml files for ListView and list items, follow the…

Kotlin Common Questions

1. Where should we keep constants in Kotlin? if you need constants to be accessed globally use const as top-level properties (not inside a class). In order to do this create…

Kotlin – for, while, if, when

Control flow: for, while, if, when This post is for beginners who want to start learning Kotlin language and already know Java. We will show simple examples of for, while, if,…

Functions in Kotlin

In this post I will talk about 5 cool things that functions can do in Kotlin, better than methods in Java.   1. Forget about overloaded methods In Java, when…

Anonymous Functions and Lambdas – Kotlin

Note! This is a post for beginners in Kotlin language. What are lambdas and anonymous functions? In order to define them let’s see what is a function literal. Function literal Function…

Introduction to Functions – Kotlin

In this post, I will try to explain how to write functions in Kotlin by doing a parallel with Java. It’s not rocket science or anything special in this post,…

Kotlin – Hello world

Introduction What is Kotlin? It is a new programming language built by JetBrains, and as you may already know, Google announced at Google I/O 2017, that they will now officially…
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