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Born in Alba Iulia, a beautiful city from Romania. I like hiking and everything related with electronics and IT . Eager to learn and enhance my knowledge in programming languages. My main specialization is on Mobile Applications development (Android and iOS).

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Print Android instrumentation tests logs in the terminal/console

While debugging some Android instrumentation tests that were ran using adb shell am instrument, I needed to print some logs into the terminal/console to inspect the flow and resolve some issues. Ever been coding away, trying to track down what’s happening under the hood, thinking Log.i/e/d or System.out would be your trusty sidekicks for logging

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Signing key SHA1 fingerprints within AndroidStudio

Did you know you can get the signing SHA1 and MD5 fingerprints within AndroidStudio? Ever needed the SHA1, SHA-256 or MD5 fingerprints of your Android debug/release key/certificate? Maybe for a new API or framework that you want to integrate in your project like Firebase, Facebook or Maps? See that you can also get it from AndroidStudio, pretty

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Get screen size programatically in Android

So if you ever need to get the screen size(width and height) programatically on Android, note that there are a few options out there. Please see below some of them. Get Android screen size from DisplayMetrics The following snippet helps you load the screen size in Android using the Display class. This is quite old,

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Load localized strings at runtime

Here is a possible solution if you want to load localized text resources on a TextView in Android. Problem: You may need to extend your app flexibility to be able to load localized texts at runtime from a web server for example. That would be to be able to add new localizations (for new countries)

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