Print Android instrumentation tests logs in the terminal/console

While debugging some Android instrumentation tests that were ran using adb shell am instrument', I needed to print some logs into the terminal/console to inspect the flow and resolve some issues.

One would think that you could simply use Log.i/e/d or System.out for logging into terminal. But Log.i/e/d or System.out won’t print the logs into the terminal. This forced me to look for another solution and I found something to print the logs I needed in the terminal. You can see below.

fun logToConsole(stringToPrint: String) {
        val bundle = Bundle()
            Instrumentation.REPORT_KEY_STREAMRESULT, stringToPrint
        InstrumentationRegistry.getInstrumentation().sendStatus(0, bundle)

The ideea is to get the current Instrumentation instance. Then, use the sendStatus method to print your debug message/logs in the terminal.

Using the function above you can: print Android instrumentation tests logs into the terminal

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