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Android Parse JSON file from Assets

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Under src/main add new directory named “assets“. Inside this directory add your json file. Create a Utils class to add the method that will read your json file from assets. import android.content.Context; import android.util.Log; import; import; public class…

Android Bottom Border Line

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The simplest way to add a bottom border line to a view is this one. If you search on Google and StackOverflow you will find many ways to do this, but they seemed overly complex compared to this one. So…

Xamarin Forms: Label LineBreakMode

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You can set a LineBreakMode attribute to a Label that can have the following values: TailTruncation HeadTruncation MiddleTruncation CharacterWrap WordWrap NoWrap TailTruncation If you have a text that is to large to fit the width of your label, you can…