Signing key SHA1 fingerprints within AndroidStudio

Did you know you can get the signing SHA1 and MD5 fingerprints within AndroidStudio?

Ever needed the SHA1, SHA-256 or MD5 fingerprints of your Android debug/release key/certificate? Maybe for a new API or framework that you want to integrate in your project like Firebase, Facebook or Maps? See that you can also get it from AndroidStudio, pretty easily!

Follow the steps below to get your SHA1 or MD5 fingerprint of your signing key/certificate:

  • Open your project in AndroidStudio
  • Go to the Gradle tab on the right side of the IDE
  • Expand your project and go to Tasks->Android->signingReport
  • Double click signingReport
  • Below in the Run tab you will see the output where you can also find the fingerprints for each signing configuration your have

You can see the same steps in the picture below.

Android signing key SHA1 & MD5 AndroidStudio
Android signing key SHA1 & MD5 AndroidStudio

Or, if you are more of a terminal person, you can use gradle in terminal or cmd to print the same thing using the signingReport gradle task. Something like bellow:

./gradlew signingReport

Note that in this case you need gradle wrapper (gradlew). And the output would be something like this:

> Task :app:signingReport
Variant: debug
Config: debug
Store: /Users/myandroidsolutions/.android/debug.keystore
Alias: AndroidDebugKey
MD5: FA:E0:32:6B:32:F4:3B:FF:33:0A:12:3C:EE:3A:59:22
SHA1: A2:84:F3:57:55:22:23:23:22:59:6C:6E:EA:59:DE:AA:22:20:23:E4
SHA-256: D5:C2:27:DE:FF:C8:6B:77:41:A3:B8:8C:AA:12:32:17:A6:22:92:85:2D:91:98:11:45:9E:22:33:33:1D:85:F9
Valid until: Thursday, September 14, 2051
Variant: release
Config: null
Store: null
Alias: null
Variant: debugAndroidTest
Config: debug
Store: /Users/myandroidsolutions/.android/debug.keystore
Alias: AndroidDebugKey
MD5: FA:EE:E8:6B:88:EF:3B:8F:FE:22:12:AC:BE:3A:59:10
SHA1: A2:BA:8F:57:AA:69:23:23:F9:59:6C:6E:EA:59:DE:CD:04:20:AD:E4
SHA-256: 11:C2:22:7D:6C:C8:6B:92:41:A3:B8:8C:AA:12:DC:17:A6:39:92:85:2D:91:22:6E:99:9E:DE:66:22:1D:85:F9
Valid until: Thursday, September 1, 2090


Getting the SHA-1 and SHA-256 in Flutter (Android)

This method helps you if you use Flutter as well, for Flutter you just have to open up the terminal or any command line interface (CLI) and navigate to the Android root directory (not flutter, navigate to flutter but then even further to the android project). There you simply use the same `./gradlew signingReport` gradle script. Please note that you might have multiple signing keys, you should take that into consideration and use the proper one based on your needs!

Hope this helps a bit! If you have other suggestions or ideas/comments on this please let us know in the comments bellow :).

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