Month: June 2016

Android AdMob With Firebase

About Firebase First of all, you have to know that using AdMob with Firebase is optional, at least for now, and you can still integrate AdMob by importing compile ‘’ (like in this…

Android Gradle Dependencies by Flavors

In a previous post about Gradle Flavors and Build Types, we mentioned that we can set different dependencies inside dependencies{} block by flavors, by build type or both combined. Below we will…

Android About ConstraintLayout

Did You Know?
DID YOU KNOW about ConstraintLayout?   Definition ConstraintLayout is a new type of layout introduced by Android, similar to RelativeLayout but more flexible, and it is used to position UI elements relative…

Android Free/Paid Versions Tutorial

There are situations when you might decide that you need to create 2 versions for your application: a free one and a paid one. So, in this tutorial, which is…

Android ApplicationId vs PackageName

Did You Know?
You might wonder what is the difference between package name we have in AndroidManifest.xml file and ApplicationId we see in build.gradle. They seem to be the same thing, but actually…

Android Build Types and Flavors

In this tutorial we will talk about Build Types and Flavors, for what are they used, what is the difference between them and what they have in common. Build Types…
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